Belt Weighers

Weighers for powders, granulate materials, grained products as well as chunky products and goods that are difficult to meter

Our belt weighers are characterised by their particularly dynamic belt drives which ensure outstanding performance and output values, high levels of accuracy and as well as steady product flow characteristics.

In addition, belt weighers made by DoWaTec excel by requiring only very short cleaning downtimes, which is a valuable feature especially in case of frequent product changes.


Functional Principle: 


The product is drawn from the product hopper using the belt systems and metered directly into a weighing pan. 

The desired speeds, weights etc. are set on the weigher control unit. 

Our weighers are equipped with an automatic control that gets optimised during the running operation process itself and that reacts to any variation in product quantity/quality. This feature ensures an utmost degree of accuracy, even in cases of varying product densities. This also means a considerable facilitation of the operation and relief to operating staff.  




Neuentwicklung: Komplett-Linie für Nassprodukte
Our latest development: Complete line for wet food products, e.g. washed and cut salad greens / vegetables. Particularly quick and easy to clean. Very flexible range of applications. Low design height.

Unsere neue Band-Waage mit Handbefüllung
This special model designed for manual feeding is ideal for use with pre-fabricated flat bags. Very attractive model for applications that require frequent cleaning / product changes.

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